Discover Awapuhi from John Paul Mitchell


It’s no wonder the classic image of a Hawaiian wahine shows her with hair that is sleek, shiny and strong. For centuries, they have treated their hair with the juices of the wild Awapuhi ginger plant. Now you can give your hair the same luxurious treatment, with eight exceptional products derived from John Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi farm in the islands.

These products include a richly lathering moisturizing shampoo, a keratin cream rinse, shine spray, styling treatment oil, finishing spray, and a texturizing sea spray that will make you look like you just spent the day on the beach at Waikiki. All products are sulfate free and color safe.

For dry, brittle or damaged hair, try a professional Keratriplex treatment, which can reduce breakage up to 80 percent while enhancing shine and preventing color fade. This two-step treatment offers a blend of three proteins, each with a targeted molecular weight that allows them to bind into the cortex of the hair strand for strength and reinforce the cuticle for lasting shine.

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